Report – Local Security Diagnosis (UN & UFP)

The idea to create model police stations emerged within the collaboration between the UN and Guinea-Bissau, as part of the project “United Nations Integrated Peacebuilding Office in Guinea-Bissau” (UNIOGBIS). Nevertheless, the creation of such police stations lacked an analysis that assessed perceptions of security/ insecurity, crime and incivility, victimization, fear of crime, and communitarian involvement of those specific populations.

Therefore, the project leaders approached and subsequently signed a protocol with the University Fernando Pessoa, through Mr. Deputy Commissioner of Public Security Police (PSP) Mário Moreira, who is currently working at Guinea as Police Administration Advisor within the UNIOGBIS.

Ana Sani and Laura Nunes developed the study, in collaboration with Cristiano Nogueira, Helder Fernandes, Ligia Afonso and Mário Moreira. The scientific report was already sent to the United Nations Organization.

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